Sherbiny offers different types of turbines & generators as well as a full range of operational spares for different power generation requirements. Variable speed technology and high reliability make Sherbiny turbines & generators the correct choice for your needs.
Our Selection

Pump Turbines

Sherbiny offers pump-turbines that can be operated as both an energy generating turbine, as well as a pump when operated in the reverse direction. These products are flexible enough to fit a wide variety of use cases, while maintining the exceptional quality that our clients deserve.

Features include:

  • Variable-speed technology
  • Wide head range applications
  • Reversible

Mini Hydro

Sherbiny mini-hydro products offer a complete solution for smaller energy generation sites. With multiple varients to choose from, you can be sure that Sherbiny will be able to provide a solution to your needs. All our mini-hydro products perform to the highest standards of performance, reliability, and are exceptionally efficient.

Features include:

  • Low heads to high heads available
  • 50kW - 1,200 kW application range
  • Compact and Integrated Auxiliary Systems
  • Eco-friendly
  • Pre-assembled and standardized models available
  • Integrated turnkey solutions
  • Low voltage protection & control system
  • Flexible for a wide range of industrial water applications
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