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The Sherbiny Engineering group is ISO 9001 certified, and offers you quality solutions across all energy sectors. The diverse team from Sherbiny Engineering can cover all your engineering needs from FEED to RCA, consultations, cost-estimations, and feasibility studies.

By combining our mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation expertise with our engineering services; Sherbiny provides a total solution for your project needs. Sherbiny has been trusted for over 30 years serving clients across the Industrial, Power, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, and Water Industries.

Sherbiny Offers

  • Conceptual Design

    • In order to determine the process to be implemented and define specific conditions of project implementation we provide decision support for our clients and for the project bidding phase.
    • For the bidding phase or as per request of the client we prepare a budgetary project cost estimation.
  • Feasibility Study

    • The Feasibility Study represents an evaluation to define the technical feasibility of a facility / equipment. In the study we provide multiple implementation scenarios and as per request we prepare a cost estimation for each scenario.
    • The study also may be combined with Expert Opinions and Consultation type activities as well. In these cases the task implies examining a given problem from a technical and / or economic aspect in accordance with the Client's needs.
  • Basic / FEED Design

    • The Basic Design is the foundation of the Detailed Design in that, in addition to designing the main process we incorporate basic technical parameters and design tasks to be carried out during Detailed Design. We also provide information required for said tasks for each department based on a fixed concept. Basic design may be accompanied by a cost estimation with +/- 30-40% accuracy.
    • We produce the FEED based on the Basic Design. The goal is to provide technical documentation (also considering Detailed Design aspects) including:
    • Bidding Specification
    • Preliminary MTO
    • Other Cost Items (painting, insulation, scaffolding, welding testing, etc.)
    • Cost estimation of a given facility can be established. We include information based on market data, with a +/- 10-20% accuracy.
  • Detailed Design

    • Detailed Technical Documentation for complete project implementation including process, mechanical, instrumentation, control, electrical, civil, as well as piping and related equipment.
    • Engineering support and documentation for procurement, construction, analysis, testing, operation, and more.
  • As-Built Design

    • The As-Built Design Documentation reflects the implemented state of a given facility / equipment. We prepare this by updating the issued Detailed Design documentation.
    • In general the preparation of an As-built documentation pertains to key documents. The exact scope of the documentation has to be specified in the corresponding contract.
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