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Sherbiny's Mining Solutions division is committed to delivering the highest quality turn-key solutions for our clients. We are specialized in offering different types of mining logistics operations such as various types of tracks and accessories.

Our solutions offer the highest level of safety & security. We understand the level of robustness and precision needed in the mining sector, and we are committed to offering equipment and services that can exceed your expectations.

Mining Offerings

Application Area

Solutions Offered

Surface Mining

Transport System

General Mining Equipment

Ore Processing



Mechanical Components

Premium Valves

Materials Transport & Separation

Conveyor Belts

Road Transport

Water Treatment & Chemical Dosing

Injection Skids

Steam Generation & Boiler Control

Boiler Control Systems

Power Supply



Plant Safety

Gas Detection Systems

Fire Detection Systems

Security Solutions (Ex: CCTV, Access Control, etc)

Signaling & Communication

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