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Sherbiny's Mining Solutions division is committed to delivering the highest quality turn-key solutions for our clients. We have partnered with leading manufacturers from around the world such as Ferrit to provide you with quality and robust solutions you deserve.

We are specialized in offering different types of mining logistics operations such as various types of tracks and accessories.

Sherbiny Offers

  • High Quality Tracks

    • Sherbiny offers a wide variety of track solutions designed to transport material and people within mining tunnels and designated areas. They can be established in multiple configurations such as self-bearing rock, concrete supports, steel arch supports, and more. Sherbiny offers:
    • Monorail
    • Traditional Rail
    • Trackless
  • Cabins & Containers

    • Sherbiny provides our clients with the highest quality cabins and containers to guarantee safe and efficient delivery of all materials or people throughout the mining scope of operations.
    • Our Cabins can be customized, individually designed and combined to achieve variable capacity and dimensions. Specialized cabins are available such as:
    • Rescue cabin
    • First-aid cabin
    • High-speed transport cabin
  • Mining Accessories

    • Sherbiny provides all necessary accessories and additional components for mining operations to deliver added value to our customers. Options include:
    • Braking trolleys
    • Suspended hydraulics
    • Hose reels
    • Additional small mechanization parts available
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