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Pumps, Compressors, & Valves

Sherbiny is a regional leader in delivering mechanical solutions engineered to the highest levels of quality and efficiency. We offer a complete range of premium pumps, compressors, valves and other mechanical equipment to guarantee smooth and safe operations.

Sherbiny is specialized in offering all of our premium equipment combined with our excellent local technical services and support into turn-key fluid handling skid solutions. Furthermore, our multiple service centers in KSA guarantee fast response times and quality service.

Sherbiny is here to locally support you with full installation, commissioning, and aftermarket support. We are proud to be your local partner and trusted shield.

Sherbiny Offers

  • Centrifugal Pumps

    • API-610 or non-API, ASME, ANSI, ISO, EN Options
    • Extreme Reliability
    • Single & Multi-Stage Configurations
    • Wide Range Of Size Offerings (Compact Available)
    • High Head, Low Flow
    • Overhung, Between Bearing, Vertically Suspended
  • Positive-Displacement Pumps

    • API-675, API-674, or non-API options
    • Versatile & Wide Flow-Rate Range
    • Accurate, Reliable, & Consistent Performance
    • Durable & Compact (Suitable for On & Offshore)
    • Specialized for Chemical Dosing & Metering
    • Application Flexibility (Customizable)
    • Air Operated Double-Diaphragm Pumps Available
    • Gear Pumps Available (High Reliability & Versatility)
  • Sealless Pumps

    • API-685, ASME/ANSI B73.3 Certified
    • Safe & Reliable (No Emissions / Leaks)
    • Specialized For Hazardous Fluids
    • Reduced Operating Costs & Simple Maintenance
    • Magnetic Drive Technology
    • Wide Application Range In Rigorous Environments
  • Speciality Solutions

    • General Industry High Pressure Pumps
    • Pump-Turbines
    • Hydro Pump Solutions
    • Sewage Pump Solutions
    • Mixing Solutions
  • Technical Services & Support

    • Installation & Commissioning
    • Operational Spares
    • Local Certified Service (Khobar / Yanbu)
    • Technical Consultation & Engineering
    • Aftermarket Services & Support
  • Valves

    • Types: Ball Valves, Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves, Plug Valves, Butterfly Valves, Needle Valves, Safety Valve, Strainers, Control Valves
    • Standard: API, ASME, BS, DIN, ISO, AWWA, AFNOR, API6D-1839, API 6FA, UL / FM / WRAS
    • Range: From ½” up to 100”
    • Pressure rating: ASME 150#,300#,600#,900#,1500#, 2500#
    • Operator / Actuator: Lever/Wrench, Gear, Actuator (Pneumatic, Hydraulic, Motorized, Electro-Hydraulic)
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