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Sherbiny is a regional leader in delivering integrated security systems to our customers complete with sophisticated communication systems.

We know that security in the modern era is not just comprised of one element, but requires a multi-faceted approach to cover the wide spectrum of possible intrusions or attacks. This is why Sherbiny works with multiple international partners to provide different technology solutions that can be linked together to provide 360 degree protection 24/7.

Sherbiny is here to locally support you with full installation, commissioning, and aftermarket support to guarantee your security is operational at all times. We are proud to be your trusted shield.

Sherbiny Offers

  • Closed-Circuit TV Systems (CCTV)

    • Fully Integrated Systems
    • Modular Camera Systems
    • Excellent Low-Light Performance
    • Lower Bandwidth & Storage Requirements
    • Multi-Target Tracking
    • AI Enhanced Smart Features
    • Network Compatible
  • Access Control & Gate Systems

    • Complete Solutions for Access Control & Gates
    • Wide Product Range
    • Card Readers & Numpads
    • Advanced Facial Recognition
    • Turnstile & Roadblocker integration
    • Multiple Configurations
    • Professional Management Software
    • Local Support & Service
  • Security Communication Systems

    • Reliable & Streamlined Solutions
    • Smooth & Easy Operation
    • Variety Of Choices & Technology Types
    • Enhanced Durability
    • Radio Technology Systems
    • Microwave Link Technology
    • Command & Control Software
  • Perimeter Intrusion Detection

    • Guaranteed Extra Safety and Security
    • Flexible Security Perimeter
    • Thermal Imaging
    • Microwave Technology
    • Fiber-Optic Solutions
    • Advanced AI Monitoring & Alert System
    • Network Compatible
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